"What a blessing to have Martha's services in our area. Through her health and wellness coaching, I found a way to calm my anxiety as she taught breathing, relaxation and mindful awareness of my body from head to toe. I found the self confidence and identity that had been hidden behind stress and an immune disease. I continue to practice the lessons learned. "

Mary C.

"I had such a positive and productive experience working with Martha. I learned so many ways to manage two of the most stressful years of my life. Working with Martha is the how I came through to the other side to life lived not just life endured"

Karen D.

"For me, working with Martha on my stress management is exactly what is says, “ management.” Our work together has added to my knowledge of what my stressors are how to recognize them earlier.We have added everyday tools that improve my quality of life, hopefully the quality of the lives around me, and in the end hopefully will add to the length of my life."

Josh T.

"Working with Martha was both comforting and informative. Her approach is gentle, yet effective, and really helped me open up a new understanding within myself!"

Katie L.

"Martha is a wonderful asset to the Delta. I've had to drive two hours for several years for treatment of my mental illness. It's nice to have the same treatment locally. It's actually better because Martha provides alternatives to treatment that are not just medicine. She is very kind, understanding and personable. She has really helped me manage my symptoms much better."