Primordial Sound Meditation

The Primordial Meditation Class that Martha teaches opens the door to a lifelong practice that can only make life richer.



Chair Yoga

Martha makes breathing enjoyable! She has a gift of helping you identify your need for air! As a hygienist, one of the many struggles it taking time to breathe. Martha teaches simple and enjoyable ways to make work easier by simply breathing and stretching.



I can honestly say that my experience with Martha's Yoga class has been extremely positive. I have tried Yoga before and just didn't feel comfortable in the class. Not only do I feel comfortable in the class but relaxed and at peace during and when I leave the class. I do chair yoga and love not having to get on the floor. I find myself practicing breathing during the day when I feel anxious. Thanks to Yoga!



Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga  

I have been practicing yoga with Martha for a little over a year. Physically, it makes me stronger and able to continue doing the things I like to do. My posture and balance have markedly improved. Mentally and spiritually, I have been more mindful of the world around me. I am calmer and more accepting of things I can’t change. I look forward to each session. Martha, as an instructor, provides a sense of calm in the class. There is no tension, only mindfulness and the pure enjoyment of the practice. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.



Martha’s yoga class is peaceful and relaxing but at the same time an excellent body workout. As an instructor, she is confident, relaxed and understanding of your limitations! I’m so glad that I have had the opportunity to attend her classes-thank you, Martha!



Being in Martha's classes is soothing to mind and body. Her voice and instructions are zen-like.



When the times are rough on your mind, your body is soon to follow. And these have been very rocky roads indeed, as of late. Discovering Martha's class was probably the healthiest lighthouse I could have ever saved me. I've since applied these techniques into my own life and in my own time, when unable to attend one of her classes. It's been one of the greatest decisions I could have ever made. Bless you, Martha.



In my hectic, crazy life, yoga with Martha is a calming, relaxing, freeing experience for my mind and body! The stretching and balancing are much needed for my old self!



What a wonderful experience Martha’s class is! Not too hard and very relaxing! I always feel better afterward!



Nurse Coaching for Health and Wellness - Working with Martha was both comforting and informative. Her approach is gentle, yet effective, and really helped me open up a new understanding within myself! 




I believe that each yoga class is a sacred experience for me and my students. I strive to make each session special and meaningful. I receive as much benefit from teaching as I hope my students receive from my instruction.